5 Best Affordable Condenser Microphones in 2017 to Buy

The best Condenser Microphones are those that give better sound output and have higher frequency response. They also give faster transient response when compared to the ordinary microphones. These condenser microphones also follow all frequencies’ sound waves unlike the other microphones. We have pulled up the best and top 5 microphones. With this you will find that your recording experiences give better output using the Top Five Condenser Microphones.

Blue Microphone Yeti

This is one condenser microphone that is popular among many people. There are almost no negative comments about this microphone. Also this is comfortable way of connectivity with its USB port. Moreover this is also used with the Windows computer and the Mac computer. Its versatility helps a person on the go to carry around as it is light. You can simply pull it out and use it with its USB Cable.

Blue Spark

This ‘Blue brand’ condenser microphone is one another famous device used for accentuated recording purposes. This microphone is orange in color so it not only sounds good but looks great too. There is a special ‘focus button’ on this. Using this option the user can get full range response to up-front sound. This is another ‘Blue’ microphone which is priced quite reasonably.

AKG Pro C214

This is more used by the professionals who already have a little bit of experience in recording. There is a 20 dB switchable attenuation pad that enables recording up to 156 dB SPL. This microphone is not only used for voice recording. This is one of the best condenser microphones for instruments too. It sports a bass-cut filter switchable for close up records. This one is not so low on the budget side given its features.

Rode NT1-A

This is one of the cheapest condenser microphones and sports a Sound Pressure Level capability. The super-feel sound gives a warm recording output. This is ideal for recording percussion, guitar and vocals too. Another feature is that apart from being quite affordable, this model is durable if you take good care of it. This is the perfect pick for home recording as well as semi-professionals.

MXL 770

This great budget friendly piece is the best pick for those who do not prefer the professional studio recording. It promises great clarity and warm recording especially for pianos, singing and stringed instruments. This studio condenser microphone has quality on par with the highly expensive condenser microphones around the world. Moreover it comes at a great budget price.

So, the next time you go shopping for a condenser microphone you may want to consider what basis you make your pick. It could be the convenient connectivity like USB port, etc. or the budget price. These listed above sport great quality and features along with the best affordable prices. You may also want to consider which applications you are using like the device interface and so on that is compatible with it.  Some pros suggest additional accessories for condenser microphones like shock mounts, mic stands, and additional inputs, etc. also.

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